Saturday, April 6, 2013

No flatlines.

It is said that if there are no ups and downs, you're probably dead.

And if you aren't, well, you're not really living, are you?

I had a few epiphanies over yhe past couple of days, or maybe not so much epiphanies as confirmations. 

Friends, true friends,  don't have a shelf life. If you have true friendship, it takes a lot to wear it down or destroy it. It is mutual, it is give and take, you call on them and they call upon you. If you are the only person making an effort, then you need to really evaluate the relationship.

Bad things happen to good people. And hell, sometimes good things happen to bad people. All this shit is temporary,  and none of us get out alive. So mainly, it's who you're with and who's got your back that matters. Everything else, in the grand scheme of things, is trivial.

And...sometimes it takes a long time to heal or let go. Everyone does tjings in their own time. The older I get, I realize it has become easier for me to say goodbye. Sometimes it doesn't end easily, but the peace you have to find in yourself.

The pic below was a gift from a dear friend made by a friend who passed beyond the veil. In this life, we did not reconcile our differences before we parted, but I hope now she understood my decisions better and I love her and forgive her for her part in the matter.

In the spirit of the deceased and in love, this dear friend presented me with this amazing gift....among others which tied all three of us in art. I just hope I can live up to it.

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