Monday, March 11, 2013

In Between Moves

This upcoming weekend is the last weekend that we will be at the International Flea Market.

But this is not really a bad thing.  

Right now, as I type, there is actually a garage in our home that is going to be converted into the shop.  The next incarnation of In Between will be right beside/part of our home.  This is good on many levels, like security, reduction of overhead, travel time, travel/offsite expenses, and all those business things.  This has been a bootstrap operation from the beginning, some of our help coming from close family and so we wanted to keep it closer to the family, so to speak.  

This also gives us the ability to work on our online presence (we have unique items which go on Etsy, some which go on Ebay, and our regular stuff on StoreEnvy...the latter will probably change soon...)  Hopefully, develop this blog into a working blog which will help feature articles, links and opinions in regards to magical workings and local happenings we attend in the community of Houston, Texas.

Because we are moving, our last weekend at the shop will be, in store, 30% off.  Just keep that in mind.

The hope here is to create a relaxing environment away from the crowding and noise of the flea market. We are hoping to re-open at the latest, the middle of may.

Come all ye seekers..... 

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