Saturday, May 25, 2013

Incoming Message from the Big Giant Head....

So I have this crazy habit of going into thrift stores when I get the chance.  Wandering through the junk stores with a friend of mine, I found this concrete head.

Here's a pic of the head itself, and here's the bottom.  I don't know if it's an 'artist' signature, or what, but if he was yours, well...he's headed elsewhere now.  To a good home, someone who knows about that kind of stuff, so be happy for him...

When we first picked this up, I was sad.  Because to me, this was something deeply spiritual to someone that wound up in a thrift  store.  In fact, my imagination wandered to the idea that perhaps the owner died, and all their things were shuffled to this place.  Or maybe they put this guy in storage or were kicked out of their home, and all their belongings were dumped at some charitable place.

At first, I was a apprehensive to bring something I didn't know about into my home - I mean, kind of hard to bring in wayward spirits, right?  So we left, and I felt kind of guilty.  I don't know if it was just because I realized that it was something cherished and abandoned, or if perhaps whatever wayward spirit is attached to that head made me feel that way.  It felt sad and lonely and I left it anyway.

After a few conversations and posting this poor picture on Facebook, a net-friend volunteered to take it in and work his juju or whatever.  Hopefully, he'll figure out exactly what it is and help out.  So the next day, on his way here, I convince my friend to swing by the thrift store and buy the poor head and bring it home.  The net-friend told me that generally if it's Elegba (or Elegua or who), that he generally 'gets fed' tobacco and rum.  After informing me, looking at the head, it looked rather dirty and covered in what almost looks like chew-spit.  Gross, huh?  So I start cleaning it.

Now I don't know if it's my OCD/ADD kicking in, but I'm already to the point of asking what colors to use, because his pot's ugly and I need to paint it.  I'm texting this on my way to Spec's, to pick up rum and cigars.

"NOOOO!!!" comes the consensus.  DON'T FEED IT.

And I'm not feed after midnight....

The idea is that if I 'feed it' (give it offerings), it might want to stay.  So....basically just clean him off, pack him up and ship him out.  (Because if not, I need to be taught the real caring and feeding of such a spirit, and apparently the training for that is a lot of time and money invested....neither of which I have to spare).

But I marvel at the idea this thing comes into my home, and there I am, at the liquor store, picking up cigars and booze like I'm entertaining a house guest.

I was told..."Think teenagers.  They'll want to stick around if they know you're gonna give 'em food."

I was also given this thought:

"Elegua head=Santeria. Lucero head=Palo. Both traditions are from Cuba and there can be overlap, but Palo derives mainly from Congolese traditions while Santeria (Lucumi) is Yoruban."

Actually, the impression I got was of a darker caramel black man, a little older than me, laid back, and just easy-going.  "Hey...would you mind...?"

Anyway, I pack up the head, give him a fifth of rum and some cigars for the road, and he's all ready to ship after Monday.  Hopefully, the promise of tobacco and rum at the end of his trip will placate him.

Yeah, it's the weird, random stuff I do.

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