Friday, September 7, 2012

Second more to go.

We picked this particular venture to start in a flea market - the overhead isn't as high as a physical shop front and we have the flexibility of scheduling/staffing/dealing with things differently (when you run a storefront, there's schedules to be maintained with vendors, etc...).  This shop will be open three days a week, which isn't a fantastic way to do business, but really, it's a start.

Izzy, one of my oldest and dearest friends (as in, I've known her forever, not that we're old...pppfffftt.....) has been totally amazing in her aid.  With her help, I've gotten the shop painted, she's donated some wonderful things for inventory, and her suggestions are invaluable.  We've got more painting to do, and more to work on next Thursday.  She's been incredibly kind too, suffering the fact that although it is an indoor, air conditioned flea market, they turn down the thermostat only enough that the candles don't melt.  So, we come out of there, totally sweat-drenched and dying of thirst.

But it's amazing what a little love and devotion can do.  This experience has been very positive, very upbeat. (About the only person who sweats this is Mom....I mean, the husband does too, but that's because this really is his venture as well...)  All I can do is order, hope and pray.  And give it my all.  This place starts out small, our baby steps, but in reality, we would love to see it grow into the large dream that we share. more working Thursday, we'll probably be open next Friday for an early look at what's going on, and Saturday is our official opening day.  Come out and see us!

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